STEM Education
The STEM Fair

The first “STEM Fair for Primary Schools in North District” was successfully held on 8th December, 2018. A wide range of activities was offered including drone competition, mBot challenge and robot football match. A total of 28 teams from 19 primary schools in North District participated with great passion and high degree of engagement. Besides, the participants also enjoyed the game booths such as AUTOMATA, MicroBit Smart Fan and many others.


The “STEM Week” was successfully held on 12th – 14th March,2019. Apart from game booths and STEM book fair, other mass activities like robot football match, problem solving challenge and Hollogram workshop were also well-received and enjoyed by our students.


The massive grassland in our unique school campus offers unparalleled condition for the school to promote drone flying. More and more students enjoy drone flying as part of their other learning experiences.

Drone Competition

Our school has been co-organizing the Drone Competition for Hong Kong schools with the International Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association (IUASA) for the past 3 years. As one of the participants, our school team has achieved remarkable progress in drone flying.