Incorporated Management Committee


We are the first batch of schools which set up an Incorporated Management Committee on 20th August, 2005.(IMC No. 0008)

Members of the IMC include the representatives of the Sponsoring Body, School Supervisor, the Principal, parent managers, teacher managers, alumni managers and independent managers. We bear the principles of transparency, accountability and professionalism in educating and nurturing our students.


School Managers include

Mr. LIU Pak ManHonorary Manager
Mr. LAM Tai Fai, GBS, JPHonorary Manager
Mr. CHEUNG Fo Tai, BBS, MHHonorary Manager
Mr. CHONG Kam Ning, MHHonorary Manager
Mr. MA Siu Leung, BBS, MHHonorary Manager
Mr. LEE Wai ChungHonorary Manager
Mr. LIU Chung Law PhilipHonorary Manager
Ms. CHAN Ping KuenHonorary Manager
Mr. LIU Sui BiuSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Lup ChiSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Ka LokSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Yun CheongSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Chi LeungSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Fu SauSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Tsun KaSponsoring Body Manager
Ms. LIU I Yan SandraSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Pui Sun PrestianSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. LIU Hok Sum*Sponsoring Body Manager
Ms. TSANG Mei-yuetEx-officio manager
Hon LAU Kwok-fan, MH, JPIndependent Manager
Mr. PANG Chun Sing, MHIndependent Manager
Mr. Chong Kin ChungAlumni Manager
Ms. HO Lai ChuParent Manager
Ms. Cheung Shui Hang *Parent Manager
Mr. CHAN Yip LeungTeacher Manager
Mr. KWOK Kam Wa *Teacher Manager
* Alternate Manager