Integrated Education


  • We provide students with special educational needs with a wide range of learning support and extracurricular activities to enhance their multiple intelligence and self-efficacy.

Major Tasks

  • Early identification and support for students with special educational needs will be promoted by our cross-professional team model (with educational psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, teaching staff) . We will also collaborate with the school's functional teams through the "Whole School Participation" model to develop special arrangements for supporting programmes, curriculum and teaching adjustments, examinations and assessments for students with special educational needs.
  • To support students with different special learning needs, we use learning support grant flexibly, providing different types of learning skills classes, speech therapy services, social training groups, individual educational plans, senior schoolmates counselling programmes. We collaborate with the Pastoral Care Committee to provide advice on learning and teaching and resource management, to cater for the learning needs of students with mental illness and to strengthen mental health education.
  • We promote family-school cooperation, work with parents to support students with special educational needs, maintain good partnerships with parents, strengthen parents' awareness of their children's special learning needs, and empower parents to take care of their children with special learning needs in order to let them grow happily in good health.