Academic Guidance

Catering for Learning Diversity to Promote Academic Performance

Streaming and Group Teaching

To cater for learner diversity and to facilitate cooperation learning, extra resources are allocated to streaming and group teaching. Students are streamed into different classes and groups according to their abilities and potentials. It is expected that students can be better taken care of and their engagement can be enhanced. Through cooperation and interaction among the group members, students’ self-esteem, sense of affiliation, motivation and self-efficiency can also be promoted.

Language Across Curriculum & Reading Across Curriculum

To enrich students’ vocabulary and to widen their exposure to English, Language Across the Curriculum (LAC) booklets with common glossary and usage examples for different subjects are published and dispatched to the students. Also, Reading Across the Curriculum (RAC) booklets with contextual reading materials are also prepared for the students to promote reading habits, facilitate reading to learn and enhance reading skills.

Preparation for Tests and Examinations

To help students get better prepared for tests and examinations, different measures are adopted including pre-examination tutorials, videos for revision and consolidation, and extra oral practices. More importantly, extra resources are allocated to help students preparing for public examinations. Subsidized tutorial classes for examination skills and drilling are provided for students in different subjects.

Stratified Assignments

In designing assignments and learning tasks for the students, their individual needs and attributes have to be carefully considered. To fully benefit students’ learning, stratified assignments are prepared for students with different learning needs, such as foundation laying, consolidation and further enrichment. It is expected that in so doing, students’ motivation of learning and achieving can be nurtured and sustained.