Principal's Message
  • B.S. Sc.(CUHK),PC Ed.(HKU),MEd.(Distinction, HKU),CFP

    Mr. WONG Tsang-cheung

    Positive attitudes and values are critical for students’ learning and personal growth. Therefore, we are committed to creating a positive thinking atmosphere to nurture students with positive and constructive outlook on life, which is the fundamental theme of our school development. We note that students with positive mindset are usually equipped with higher Emotional Quotient (EQ) and determination to overcome adversities, achieve self-enhancement and help others that lead them to success.

    English plays an important role in secondary education curriculum. Therefore, we put great efforts into the effectiveness of teaching and learning of English, which is our second focus of school development. In junior forms we teach English by using English story books in order to develop students’ learning interest. We also implement self-directed learning in junior forms in which students can choose their favourite ways of learning in some selected English lessons, such as reading English story books, watching English movies or playing English games. It is observed that students’ learning motivation has improved significantly.

    With the promulgation of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the position of Hong Kong is clearly identified and the trend of developing innovation and technology is widely shared. As such, our school is actively fitting in with this trend. Therefore, promoting STEM education is another target of our school development. To catch this up, we will build a STEM Lab and incorporate innovation and technology into our existing curriculum, so that all students can have an opportunity to receive STEM education and top students of STEM will be spot out. Students are highly encouraged to join STEM activities and competitions to practise what they have learnt and exchange skills with others. It is believed that students will widen their horizons and lay a solid foundation for further development.