Learning Support

Flipping Classroom

To flip the classroom, our teachers are dedicated to preparing videos for students’ lesson preparation and lesson consolidation. The videos are dispatched to the students on some eLearning platforms and they are required to watch the videos and complete some assignments before the lesson. It is to ensure that students have already acquired basic knowledge before the lesson, thereby enhance learning effectiveness in the classroom.

Teaching Videos

Teachers prepare videos to help students revise the knowledge of different learning modules and analyse DSE questions in order to consolidate students’ knowledge, strengthen their examination skills and boost their confidence in learning.


Moreover, substantial resources have been allocated to conduct a wide range of after-school extended learning courses, remedial and enhancement programmes in a bid to cater for learning diversity and broaden students' knowledge.

  1. Elites Groups of Chinese Language, English Language or Mathematics of Junior Forms
  2. Elites Groups of Senior Forms
  3. Cambridge English Class
  4. Phonics Class for Junior Forms
  5. English Debating Team
  6. International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Class
  7. HKDSE Examination Skills Training Course conducted by external tutors